Navigating the Eighteenth Century
 King and Prince Hotel, Saint Simons Island, Georgia
February 23-26, 2005


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9am Business Meeting

Thursday, February 24, 10am

"Navigating the Real and Imagined: Public/Private in 18th-Century Literature" (I) CHAIR: Diane E. Boyd

Marta Kvande, Valdosta State University, "Frances Burney and Frances Sheridan: The Politics of Publishing Letter-Journals"

Peter Marbais, Hutchinson Community College, "Moll's Conversion within the Matrix of Mutuality: 'I was perfectly chang'd and become another Body'"

Amy Moreno, Franklin and Marshall College, "Exploring the New World: Autonomy and Space in Charlotte Lennox's British-American Novels"

Paul Young, Georgetown University, "When the Private Becomes Public: The Question of the Petite Maison"

"Matters Dramaturgical: 17th and 18th-Century Playwrighting and Stagecraft"
CHAIR: Sabrina Abid

CHAIR: Sabrina Abid, Georgia State University

Peter Reed, Florida State University, "'To Hug and Kiss a Dingy Miss': Acting Out Class and Race in Inkle and Yarico"

Candy B. K. Schille, Georgia Southern University, "The Two Faces of Eve: Milton's Pamela and Dryden's Shamela"

Liz Tasker, Georgia State University, "Working for a Living: The Inadvertent Rhetorical Impact of the First English Actresses"

Anne Widmayer, University of Wisconsin at Washington County, "Spectacular Irony in Behn's Rover II and The Emperor of the Moon"

"Approaches to Overlooked Texts"
(I) CHAIR: Colby H Kullman

Mimi Gladstein, University of Texas at El Paso "Aphra Behn's Beyond The Rover: Behn's Imagining of Women's Space and Range"

Rebecca Jordan, Washburn University, "Mary Astell and Her College for Women"

Janet Wolf, State University of New York College at Cortland, "Executing a Malefactor Sweetly: The Anti-Bush Satires of Rick Horowitz and the Anti-Walpole Satires of the Eighteenth Century"

Joseph Rudman, Carnegie Mellon University, "The Identification and Collection of All Political Tracts Published in England between 1700 and 1710: A Quixotic Quest"


Thursday, February 24, 1pm

"Navigating Race and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century" CHAIR: Margaret Case Croskery

Ashlee Headrick, UNC- Chapel Hill, "Graffigny's Cénie: How you can't get yourself to a nunnery if you can't foot the bill-and other truths about women's lives in 18th-century France"

Carla Cook, Texas Christian University, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Beauty as Boon and Bane in Aphra Behn's Ooronoko and The History of the Nun"

Gigi Gregg, Texas Woman's University, "The Masked Narrator Persona as Discursive Technique in Aphra Behn's The Rover, Part I and Oroonoko"

Celeste Pottier, University of South Carolina, "'Nation of Dancers': Olaudah Equiano's Dance through Africa, Slavery, and Freedom"

"Navigating the Real and Imagined: Public/Private in 18th Century Literature"
(II) CHAIR: Diane E. Boyd

Brett McInelly, Brigham Young University: "'I had rather be obscure. But I dare not': Women and Methodism in Eighteenth-Century Britain"

Donna Souder, Texas Women's University, "Respect or Rhetoric? Father or Fan? Public Biography and Private Malice in James Boswell's Life of Johnson"

Bridget Orr, Vanderbilt University, "Prolific ocean?" Trade and Tragedy in Lillo's 'Fatal Curiosity'"

Frieda Koeninger, Sam Houston State University, "Africans and the Theater in Eighteenth-Century Mexico"

"Approaches to Overlooked Texts"
( II ) CHAIR: Colby H. Kullman

William Wandless, Jacksonville State University, "Sugarcoated Censure in Charlotte Smith's The Old Manor House"

Joyce Cornette Palmer, Texas Woman's University, " '. . . remember the poor debtors': Johnson and Dickens on Debtors' Prisons"

Monica Smith, University of Georgia, "Protest and Performance: Ann Yearsley's Poems on Several Occasions"

Colby H. Kullman, The University of Mississippi, "Sexual Innuendoes, Double Entendres, Dangerous Liaisons, and Carnivalesque Reversals: A Study of Gaming in Colley Cibber's The Careless Husband"

"Controlling the Flow: Navigating the Narrative in Eighteenth-Century Literature by Women."
CHAIR: Margo Collins

Rebecca Sayers Hanson, University of North Texas, "On Haywood"

Elson Bond, Fordham University, "Independent Sentiment in Susanna Rowson's Charlotte Temple"

LuAnn Venden, Walla Walla College, "'This Veil had never appeared to her so necessary before': Narrative as Camouflage in Lennox's The Female Quixote"

Linda Urschel, Huntington College, "The Truth Shall Make You Free: The Trials and Tribulations of Mary Rowlandson, Harriet Jacobs, and Anne Bradstreet"

Thursday, February 24, 3pm FORT FREDERICA EXPEDITION



Friday, February 25, 8:15am

"Masculinites in the Long 18th Century: Problems of Categorization" (I) CO-CHAIRS: Prof. Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann, Doris Feldman

Doris Feldmann, Erlangen, "The Theorising and Politics of Cultural Categories
of Difference"

Christian Huck, Hamburg University, "Clothes Make the Business-Man: the Fashioning of Tradesmen in18th-Century Guidebooks"

Stephen Meagher, Rutgers University, "Addison and the Politics of Male Friendship"

Walter Goebel, Universitaet Stuttgart, "Emotional Investments: The Economical Man of Feeling"

"Ideologies of Eighteenth-Century Fiction"
CHAIR: Murray Brown

Amanda Holt, University of Central Oklahoma, "Samuel Richardson in Transition: Pamela; or Uncertainty Rewarded"

David Paxman, Brigham Young University, "The Absent Family as a Condition for Story in 18th-Century English Fiction"

Melissa Edmundson, University of South Carolina, "The Talking Cure: Healing Traumatic Experience in Mary Wollstonecraft's Maria"

"Locating the Narrative: The Sense of Place in Fiction by Austen and Others"
CHAIR: Janet Aikins

Sheila Hwang, Webster University, "Resorting to Words: Austen's Persuasion"

Steve Gores, Northern Kentucky University, "From Canada to Sicily: Placing Character in the Lee Sisters' Canterbury Tales"

Jim Springer Borck, Louisiana State University, "Down and Dirty in Austen's Gardens: Collins, Tilney, Darcy, and Repton"

Robyn Miller, Southeastern Louisiana University, "Freedom in Enclosure: The Fulfillment of Maslovian Needs in Millennium Hall"

Friday, February 25, 10am

"Domestic Violence in the Long Eighteenth Century" CHAIR: Judith Broome Mesa-Pelly

Jan Widmayer, Boise State University, "Wife Abuse in The Country Wife"

Judith Broome Mesa-Pelly, Austin Peay State University, "'All shall be well, and I'll forgive you': Emotional Abuse in Pamela"

Leslie A. Richardson, Xavier University of Louisiana, "Vanity, Levity, and Charlotte Lennox's Satire of Clarissa"

Susan Tyler Hitchcock, Independent Scholar, "An Act of Lunacy: Mary Lamb's Matricide, Context and Aftermath"

"Women as Social Commentators"
CHAIR: Mary Sue Ply

Heather Outhuse, Southeastern Louisiana University, "Orientalism and Empire in Elizabeth Inchbald's Such Things Are"

Dawn Humble, English, Southeastern Louisiana University, "The Hypocrisy of Virginity in Mary Wortley Montagu's 'The Sultan's Tale'"

Mary Sue Ply "Religion as Competition in Mary Astell's Letter to the Ladies"

"Hume and Religion"
CHAIRS: Eva Dadlez & James Mock

Arthur Stewart, Lamar University, "David Hume and Charles Peirce Part IV: Custom, Instinct, and a Real Religion?"

Ken Buckman, University of Texas - Pan American, "Was Hume Wrong about Miracles?"

Darian DeBolt, University of Central Oklahoma, "Hume and Comte"

Gregory L. Reece, University of Alabama at Birmingham, "Chain of Fools: Wollaston and Hume on Uncaused Causes"


Friday, February 25, 1pm

"Masculinites in the Long 18th Century: Problems of Categorization" ( II ) CHAIRS: Prof. Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann, Doris Feldman

Isabel Karremann, Munich, "The Sea Will Make a Man of Him? Pirates, She-Captains, Cross-dressed Cabin Boys and the Limits of Masculinity in Early 18th-Century Popular Culture"

Rebecca Connor, Hunter College, CUNY, "'This faculty wonderful and rare': The Disembodied Male Voice in the Gothic Novel"

Irving Rothman, University of Houston, "Male Domination in Daniel Defoe's The Family Instructor and Foolish Decisions (1715, 1718)"

Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann, Universitaet Erfurt, "Cognition in Low-Level Typologies of Masculinity"

Peter Radford, Brunel University,"'This Athletick and Masculine Game' - The Prince of Wales and the Emergence in the Late 18th Century of Prize Fighting as Popular Sport"

"Jacobitism -- Conspirators, Fellow Travelers and Sympathizers -- in the Long 18th Century"
CHAIR: Anne Barbeau Gardiner

Marsha Keith Schuchard, Independent Scholar, "Stuart Policies of Liberty of Conscience and the Jewish Jacobites."

Leigh Eicke, Grand Valley State University, "Women, Gender, and Jacobitism"

John Malden, Director of Paxton House, Scotland, "Home from Home: A Border Jacobite Family"

"Hume and the Arts"
CHAIRS: Eva Dadlez & James Mock

Eva Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma, "Empiricism and Civility: Humean Vices and Virtues in the Work of Jane Austen"

Dabney Townsend, Armstrong Atlantic State University, "Hume's 'Unaccountable Pleasure' of Tragedy and the Concept of the Fine Arts"

James W. Mock, University of Central Oklahoma, "Hume the Aesthetician"

Peter H. Pawlowicz, East Tennessee State University, "Hume, Morality, and the Mirror of Painting"


Friday, February 25, 3pm

"Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century" (I) CO-CHAIRS: Kathryn Duncan, Michael Stasio

Anne Gardiner, "Lord Castlemaine's Arguments for Religious Liberty Based on Historical Grounds"

Stephen Meagher, Rutgers University, "Promise in the Eighteenth Century"

Lars O. Erickson, University of Rhode Island, "Maupertuis: The Nautical Breton and the Network Scientist"

Bruce Mayer, Lynchburg College, "The Early Political Education of the Duc de Bourgogne: Fénelon’s Fables"

"Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and the 250th Anniversary of Johnson's Dictionary"
CHAIR: David Venturo

Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University, "The Pitfalls of Tourism: Subterranean Gazeteers and the Alphabetizing of Underground Wonders"

Robert DeMaria, Jr., Vassar College, "North and South in Johnson's Dictionary"

Allen Reddick, University of Zurich, "'The proximate word' and Other Near
Relations: Johnson and the 18th-century Dictionary"

J. T. Scanlan, Providence College, "Johnson's Dictionary and Legal Writing"

"Hume on Ethics, Politics, Free Will, and Evolution"
CHAIRS: Eva Dadlez & James Mock

J. Carl Ficarrotta, US Air Force Academy, "What Could It Mean to Naturalize Ethics? Help and Anticipation in the Writings of David Hume"

Michael F. Patton, Jr., University of Montevallo, "Teaching New Dogs Some Old Tricks: Hume's Account of Animal Reasoning"

Edward G. Andrew, University of Toronto, "Patronage and Market Demand in the Construction of 'David Hume, the Historian'"

Anne Tarver, University of Wichita, "Exhuming Hume: Does Hume Undermine Compatibilist Arguments of Responsibility?"

"After Aphra: British Women Dramatists"
CHAIR: LuAnn Venden

Jay Oney, Furman University, "The Positive Aspects of Being a Satiric Target; or, The Female Wits Revisited"

J. Karen Ray, Washburn University, “_The Witlings_: Fanny Burney's 'Essay on Criticism'"

Sabrina Abid, Georgia State University, "Hannah Cowley’s Representation of the Sexes in The Belle’s Stratagem"

Al Coppola, Fordham University, "'In fine, you'll apprehend it better when you see it': Satires of Science on Stage in the 1670s"



AMS PRESS RECEPTION - The Wesley Cottage



Saturday, February 26, 8:15am

"Reversing our Specialty: Rejuvenating Long-Eighteenth-Century Poetry and Reviving Verse Studies" CHAIR: Kevin Cope

John Richetti, University of Pennsylvania, "Performing Early 18th-Century Verse: Voice and Meaning in Poetry"

David Radcliffe, Virginia Tech University, "Poetry by the Yard: The Major importance of Minor Verse"

Richard Serrano, Rutgers University, "School for Scandal: Yuan Mei's Academy for Women Poets in Eighteenth-Century China"

Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, University of Connecticut, Stamford, "The Epic Eighteenth Century: How I Learned to Stop Mocking and Learned to Love Leonidas"

"Traversing Terror: Eighteenth-Century Gothic Literature"
Chair: Kit Kincade

Kathryn Strong, University of Southern California,"'The dreadful apparel of awful reality:' Fashioning a Self in Burney's The Wanderer"

Deborah Gerling Christie, Fordham University, "Deconstructing Narrative: Fantastic Machinations in the Gothic Novel"

Margo Collins, Iona College, "Following the Story: (Re)Telling Tales in Radcliffe's The Italian"

"Gaming: Reality and Representation in the Long Eighteenth Century"
CHAIR: Rex Batson

Nancy Durbin, Lindenwood College, "Gaming and Class in Prévost's Manon Lescaut"

Donna T. Andrew, University of Guelph, "Frail Daughters of Eve": Criticizing Female Gambling in Eighteenth Century England"

Rex Batson, Georgia State University , "Richard Steele's Tatler Essays on Gaming: Sharpers, Foreigners, the Lower Orders, and Gentlemen-Gamesters"

"America and the New World in the Long Eighteenth Century"
CHAIR: Robert C. Leitz III

Paul Wise, University of North Florida, "'Between sleepeing & wakeing': Writing the Night-Mare into Salem"

Laura Stevens, University of Tulsa, " 'Those Heathen Countries': America in the Sermons of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts"


Saturday, February 26, 10am

"Rule Breakers" CHAIR: Diana Solomon

Baerbel Czennia, Universitaet Goettingen, "Female Rule-Breakers and Trail-Blazers in Eighteenth-Century Popular Biography."

Paul Young, Georgetown University, "Breaking All the Rules: Des Grieux's Transgressions in Manon Lescaut"

Megan Conway, LSU-Shreveport, "Defining the French Rake: Crébillon fils and Les Egarements du coeur et de l'esprit"

J. Remy Hildenborough, "Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764): the Success of an Original Genius in a Conformist Society"

"The Scriblerians"
CHAIRS: Louise Barnett, Flavio Gregori

Louise Barnett, , "Instructing Young Ladies: Jonathan Swift and Hester Chapone"

Suzanne Poor, Independent Scholar, "Jonathan Swift, Passionate about Women: Les Droits des Femmes"

Flavio Gregori, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, "London as Fleet Ditch: the Scriblerians on the Metropolis"

Katherine M. Quinsey, Department of English, University of Windsor, "Catholicism and the City in the 1729 Dunciad"

"Landscape and the Passions"
(I) CHAIR: J. Morgan

John Loftis, University of Northern Colorado,"Landscape and Outrage"

J. Morgan, Eastern Kentucky University, "From 'figurative style' to 'society with all nature': Landscape, Personification, and the Passions in the Eighteenth Century"

Jeffrey Waldrop, Georgia Southwestern State University, "Romancing the Landscape: Idealization of the Wild in Augustan Letters"

"Navigating the 18th-century Economy: Literary Responses to Trade, Commerce, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Banking, and all things related to Wealth in and outside of Britain"
CHAIR: Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz

Zachary Johnson, New York University, "The Financial Times: Eighteenth-Century Economics in The Beggar's Opera"

Amanda Cockburn, McGill University, "Literary Responses to Wealth in the Eighteenth Century: Form Over Substance in Eliza Haywood's The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless"

Scott R. MacKenzie, Davidson College, "Removal, Relief, Settlement: Women, Poverty, and The Romance of the Forest"

"Transatlantic Literature and Abolitionism in the Late Eighteenth Century"
CHAIR: Martha Rainbolt

Paul Cheshire, Bath, England, "William Gilbert: The Problem Son of a Saintly Slave Owner"

Martha Rainbolt, DePauw University, ""Producers and Consumers: Why Southerne's Oroonoko was Altered in the Late Eighteenth Century and How Those Alterations Fueled the Abolitionist Sentiment"


Saturday, February 26, 1:15pm

"Passion, Penury, and Politics in the Arts" ( I ) CHAIR: Gloria Eive

Todd Decker, University of Michigan, "The Queen of Spain, Domenico Scarlatti, and the private and public display of keyboard virtuosity"

Janet Leavens, University of Iowa, "Seductive Virtue: Lyric Sentimentalism in Later Eighteenth Century Opéra Comique"

Gloria Eive, St. Mary's College of California, "Paolo Alberghi (1746-1785) and the Politics of Virtuosity"

"Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century"
( II ) CO-CHAIRS: Kathryn Duncan, Michael Stasio

Sarah D. Spence, Southeastern Louisiana University, "The Contemporary Psychology Attachment Theory in Ann Radcliffe's Female Gothic Novels"

Martine Watson Brownley, Emory University, "Genre, Gender, and the Secret Histories of the Restoration"

David M. Robinson, Oregon State University, "Crèvecoeur, John Bartram, and Democratic Simplicity"

Richard Milligan, University of Saskatchewan, "William Bartram, Ecocentricism, and Imperial Ambiguities: The Polyvalency of the Production of Nature"

"Blistering, Purging & Patients: Medical Activity in the Eighteenth Century"
CHAIR: Doreen Alvarez Saar

Nancy V. Webster, Curator of the Friends Historical Society, "Public Institutions and Private Philanthropy"

Ernelle Fife, SUNY, New Paltz. "Patient Patients: Illness Narratives from the 18th Century"

Pam Lieske, Kent State University, "Marketing Medicine in Early Modern Britain"

Clarissa Dillon, Independent Scholar, "The Receipt Book of John Mundall"

"New Approaches to Swift"
CHAIR: Susan Spencer

Lance Farrell, Indiana State University, "Reading the Winds: Is Swift's Tub Seaworthy?"

Leisha Stolt, Indiana State University, "Disrupting the Pleasure: Revealing the Male Gaze in 'The Lady's Dressing Room'"

Jessica Schmidt, Indiana State University, "Gulliver on TV"

"Landscape and the Passions"
( II ) CHAIR: J. Morgan

Vincent Bissonette, The Graduate Center, CUNY, "Passions and Purposes in Coleridge's 'The Nightingale'"

Christopher Frick, Colorado College, "Mary Robinson's Competitive Gazing: Looking beyond the landscape Artist in 'Lines Inscribed to P. De Loutherbourg, Esq. R.A.'"

Karl Wallhausser, Averett University, "Poetic Language and the Problem of Sympathy in Burke's Enquiry"


Saturday, February 26, 3pm

"Novels and Novelists" CHAIR: Kit Kincade, Indiana State University

Tim Jordan, Indiana State University, "The Knightly Peasant: Eustace Themes & Images in the Castle of Otranto"

Jessica Chapman, University of Central Oklahoma, "Johnson's Rasselas and the Female Flame"

Angela Lavallie, Indiana State University, "Jane Austen's Last Chapter"

"Shipboard (and ashore) around the Circum-Atlantic"
CHAIR: Prof. Keith Sandiford

Christopher Ringrose, University College Northampton, UK, "Navigating into Slavery: The Enslaved European in 18thC Narratives"

Plamen Arnaudov, Louisiana State University, "Carving out Identities: Performing the New World Self in A. O. Exquemelin's The Buccaneers of America"

Dan Hicks, Pennsylvania State University, "Who Are Her Subjects and Who Are Our Citizens: Oceanic Challenges to National Identities in the Long Eighteenth Century"

"Bible Reading in the Eighteenth Century"
CHAIR: Laura Stevens

Marla Grupe, Louisiana State University, "Editions of Additions: The Use of the Bible as Mary Rowlandson's Redemption"

Linda Urshel, Huntington College, "Literature to Die For: The Didactic Writings of Mary Rowlandson, Michael Wigglesworth, and Jonathan Edwards"

George Williams, University of Missouri, Kansas City, "Reading Readers Reading: Methodists and the Bible"

Judith C. Mueller, Franklin and Marshall College, "What is a Creature? Blake, Romans 8, and the Debate about Non-Human Ascension"

"Passion, Penury, and Politics in the Arts"
( II ) CHAIR: Gloria Eive

James M. McGlathery, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Passion in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro"

Linda L. Reesman, CUNY / Hofstra University, "Confessions of Sentimentalism: Mary Wollstonecraft Disguises Virtue as Passion"

Olga Roussinova, The European University of St. Petersburg, Russia, "Suffering marbles: Sculptures of the Ancient Regime"

Saturday, February 26, 5pm

"Navigating the Shores of the New World, or Coasting through Augustan Life" CO-CHAIRS: Beatrice Fink, Kevin Cope

Susan Nash, Capital University, "Voyages and Voices in The Memoirs of Lieut. Henry Timberlake"

Jan Parmentier, University of Ghent, "The Ostenders and Brazil, 1715 - 1735"

John Malden, Director, The Paxton Trust, "Scotland & Grenada: Ninian Home and Three Rebellions"

"18th-Century White Women Writing New World Slavery"
CHAIR: David Shane Wallace

Tara E. Czechowski, Fordham University, "'Nearly upon equal terms': White women's philanthropy and feminist politics in Burney's The Wanderer."

Lisa Beckstrand, Montclair State University, "White Women Writing Black Heroines: Olympe de Gouges's L'Esclavage des Noirs"

Faith Baron, University of Saskatchewan, "Beyond the Isle of Wight: Gender and Colonialism in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park."

David Shane Wallace, Louisiana State University, "'A Sacrifice to the System': New World Slavery's White Female Effigy in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park"

Literature for Children, Literature about Children in the Long Eighteenth Century"
CHAIR: Karen V. Zagrodnik, South Dakota State University

Karen V. Zagrodnik, South Dakota State University, "Educating Little Goody Two Shoes in the Eighteenth Century"

Ernelle Fife, State University of New York-New Platz, "Literature for Children that Creates the Good Reader"

Amy C. Reeves, University of South Carolina, "Saving Mrs. Mason's Soul: How Blake 'Rewrites' Mary Wollstonecraft's Original Stories from Real Life"

Susan Tyler Hitchcock, Independent Scholar, "The Other Books by Mary and Charles Lamb"


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