SCSECS 2020 - Call for Paper Proposals

The Speedy Enlightenment: Moving, Racing, Quickening, and Otherwise Accelerating the Long Eighteenth Century

February 7-8, Embassy Suites Hotel, St. Augustine FL


"Accelerating Growth: Velocity in Travel, Gardens, Population Development, and Other Aspects of Eighteenth-Century Experience." Bärbel Czennia, McNeese State University,

"Aesthetic Challenges and Conundrums: Musical, Artistic, and Literary Composition and Expression in the Changing Aesthetic Canons and Demands of the Eighteenth Century." Gloria Eive, St. Mary's University,

"Approaches to overlooked Texts." Mimi Gladstein, University of Texas El Paso,

"Asia in the Eighteenth Century." Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma,

"Cheap Print: Chapbooks, Ballads, News, Scandal, and Other Inexpensive Ephemera." Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University,

"Colonial Florida." Timothy J Johnson, Flagler College,

"East Meets West in the Long Eighteenth Century." Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma,

"An Eighteenth-Century Cultural Politics of Emotion: Racing toward Resilience, Reconciliation, and Reparation." Phyllis Thompson, East Tennessee State University,

"Eighteenth-Century Life Writing and its Impact on the Enlightenment." Charis Homes and D. Christopher Gabbard, University of North Florida,

"The Eighteenth-Century Space Race: Landscapes, Spaces, and Settings." Brian Shane Tatum, Tarant County College,

French Studies (exact title TBD). David Eick, Grand Valley State University,

"Gender Performativity in the Cult of Sensibility." Judith Burdan, Flagler College,

"History of Science." Allen Driggers, Tennessee Tech University,

"Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century." Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University,

"Lives Cut Short: The Death of Young Persons in the Eighteenth Century and How (if at all) they were Remembered." Frances Singh, Hostos Community College of CUNY,

"London High and Low: Streets, Roads, Courts, Alleys, Squares, Parks, Bridges, and Docklands." John Scanlan, Providence College,

"Long Eighteenth-Century Drama." Ashley Bender, Texas Woman's University,

"The Long Reach of the Long Eighteenth Century: Long Eighteenth-Century Influences on Later Literature." Janet Wolf, SUNY Cortland,

"Mapping Eighteenth-Century Spanish Women's Bodies." Chantelle MacPhee, Saint Leo University,

"Moving Toward (or away from) God in the Long Eighteenth Century." Brett McInelly, Brigham Young University,

"Natural Philosophy, Literature, and the Embodied Imagination." Rachel Mann, University of South Carolina,

"Poet, Sailor, and Lexicographer: William Falconer." Michael Edson, University of Wyoming,

"Quickening: Mothers, Matrons, and Midwives; or, Pregnancy in the Long Eighteenth Century." Judith Broome, William Paterson University,

"Self-Promotion and Self-Aggrandizement: Accelerating Literary Legacy through Nonfiction (pamphlet wars, literary criticism, life writing, author's notes, etc.)" Lindsay Emory Moore, Collin College -Spring Creek Campus,

"St. Augustine, Colonial History, and the Catholic Enlightenment." Samara Anne Cahill, Blinn College,

"Teaching Tough Texts." C. Earl Ramsey, University of Arkansas, Little Rock,

"Women and Religion in the Enlightenment." Samara Anne Cahill, Blinn College,

"Women, Children, Families and the Law in Florida’s Long Eighteenth Century." James Cusick, University of Florida,

Topic to be announced. Victoria Warren, Binghamton University,


Send your ideas speeding our way!

Abstracts should be sent directly to the panel organizers, above.

If your idea for a proposed paper doesn't quite fit in with any of the panels above, feel free to send your proposal at your earliest opportunity to the welcoming conference organizer, Kevin L. Cope, at See you in St. Augustine!

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