SCSECS 2021?

Although no one knew that the watercolor sunset and radiant moonrise that concluded SCSECS 2020 might drift into a pause in the perpetual miracle that is our organization, the veterans in our membership know that SCSECS will surely rise and shine again. Soon, we hope to be able to announce exactly when that will be.

The SCSECS Board will reconvene in early October to assess the impact of the pandemic on our membership, the status of travel funding in our universities, and the level of confidence among our members with respect to travel. If conditions have not significantly improved, we will stand down and wait for our 2022 meeting.

If, however, it looks promising for us to once again confer, the SCSECS President will quickly investigate the possibility of holding a small, one-day symposium in a city, such as Memphis, that is centrally located with respect to the homes of most of our members and that, consequently, is within driving distance for those wishing to avoid air travel.

Although this one-day event would likely be smaller than most SCSECS meetings, it would provide an opportunity for intellectual exchange among our most ardent members.

In developing this plan, the SCSECS Board is also aiming to minimize financial risk, the cost for a one-day event with one or two presentation rooms being significantly less than the cost of a full convention. SCSECS has always made efforts to adjust its conferences for the needs of the present time, a tradition that is being continued in this consideration of an abbreviated symposium-style meeting. Stand by for more announcements in the fall!

Meanwhile, be well, and, as one popular science-fiction character was wont to wish, live long and prosper!